Professor Gilly Forrester: Human and Animal Psychology

Gilly is a Professor of Evolutionary & Developmental Psychology at the University of Sussex. Gilly earned a BSc in Cognitive Science from the University of California, San Diego and a PhD in Experimental Neuroscience from the University of Oxford. She is on a quest to better understand how we became the upright walking, talking, tool-using great apes that we are today – both through the evolution of our species and though the development of infants. She studies the behaviours of humans and other animal species.

Gilly is dedicated to science engagement. She runs public science exhibits, features at festivals and makes regular contributions to television, radio, newsprint and podcasts.

Highlight of media contributions: 

Professor Gilly Forrester: Showreel
Professor Gilly Forrester, is featured in Birkbeck Inspires celebration of 10 years of Public Engagement:
New Scientist: The language puzzle: What great apes can teach us about language
BBC 4 Dissected: The Incredible Human Hand
Threads Radio: Internal Object – Planet of the Brains
BBC CrowdScience, Why do we pull faces when we concentrate?
BBC Clips: Why do we pull faces when using our hands?
BBC Radio 4 Archive on 4: Speaking in Public: Archive on 4 Goes Live!
Level Up Human S2E3 – 14 senses


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